Important Checkout Information For the New SUNPAN Website

At SUNPAN, we offer online and offline ways of shopping for customer convenience. We understand that online shopping is used by most of our clients which is why we upgraded our e-commerce platform to better their experience. As such, there are some important things to keep in mind regarding the shopping process on our new website.

All Orders Will Be Processed Offline

Customers can still browse the site and add items to their cart. However, there will be no option to pay online at checkout. Customers can only submit an order for review. 

Once the order is submitted for review, our customer service team will process the order offline. Our friendly customer service representatives will contact customers over email to advise regarding shipping dates and the final amount. Orders will be shipped upon confirmation from customers.

I Did Not Receive an Email Confirmation When an Order Has Been Submitted for Review

If you did not receive an email about the order that you have submitted for review, please do not worry. Once your order has been submitted for review you will be able to see a confirmation message on the screen. 

In addition, you can also view orders on your Account page (Account > Orders > Pending). Your order number would start with #D. 

In addition, you can also view orders on your Account page (Account > Orders > Pending). Your order number would start with #D.

You will receive an acknowledgment email shortly after placing your order. A customer service representative will then get in touch within 1-2 business days with a confirmation email that includes the full details of your order.

Net Terms

If you are on net terms, please always confirm the payment due date with our customer service department. If your order has a mix of in-stock and backorder items, the due date shown on your account page only applies for the items that are first shipped. Please note our net terms apply from the date your goods have been shipped.  

Opening Order Limit for New Customers

The opening order for a new customer is $2,000. If you have never placed an order with us, you will not be able to proceed to the checkout page until your cart value reaches $2,000. This applies to both Canadian and U.S customers. 

A SUNPAN representative will be in contact to process payment once the order is submitted. 

Shipping Charges for Orders Below $1,000

If your cart total is below $1,000, you will see a flat rate shipping charge at checkout. Please note that this charge is not final. Our customer service will advise you regarding the final shipping cost and process the order only upon confirmation from the customer. 

Pickups at our Warehouses

It's free to pick up any item(s) from our warehouses in Toronto and Houston. Please note that only Canadian customers can pick up from the Toronto warehouse. Likewise, only American customers can pick up from the Houston warehouse. To schedule a pickup, please contact your customer service representative. When your order is ready, you will receive an email to schedule your pickup appointment. Please do not make any arrangements to book a freight provider without confirming your pickup appointment. 

Changing Billing & Shipping Address on our new site

Any changes made to the billing address on our website will not be reflected in SUNPAN's systems. To make a permanent change to your billing address please contact your SUNPAN sales representative or customer service representative, and they'd be happy to make that change for you. 

Changes to shipping address may or may not fully reflect on your account. For more insight into this, please refer to our post.  

Cart Information

Stock permitting, there is no limit to the quantity of items a customer can purchase. However, a customer can only have a maximum of 500 unique SKUs (line items) in their cart.

Furthermore, items are only saved in cart for approximately 10 days. Any unused or abandoned carts automatically expire within 10 days of creation. We encourage you to checkout your items at your earliest convenience.

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