Great design is a fusion of art and science. Our approach to furniture design reflects that idea. It is a journey of creativity, innovation, and quality. A delicate balance of aesthetics, ergonomics, functionality, durability, and sustainability. Every product is thoughtfully designed with the intention of helping our customers bring their imagination to life. We collaborate with reputable designers across the globe who share our vision of creating designs that are truly timeless and elevate the whole home. 

  • Research and Trend Analysis

    Our product development team is constantly studying trends and reviewing consumer insights to forecast styles and colour palettes ahead of the curve. 

  • Handcrafted products that are thoughtfully designed and built to last reducing the burden on landfills

    Designing Timeless Looks

    Our designers thoughtfully approach product design from every angle – from envisioning the type of space our products will live in to choosing materials and colours that work harmoniously.  

  • Building High-Quality Furnishings

    We assess the strengths of local artisans and handpicked furniture makers from around the world to produce pieces of exceptional quality and timeless craftsmanship.

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At SUNPAN, we are inspired by a multitude of patterns, forms and techniques that surround us. Our eclectic selection of products follows a variety of style expressions to create different looks for different tastes. 


Clean lines, sophisticated silhouettes and neutral colours give any space an elevated look. Natural materials like leather and marble provide a timeless quality while industrial materials like metal and glass give a modern edge. Featuring minimal designs and modular pieces that focus on form and function.  


Never out of style and always current, contemporary pieces are creative and eye-catching. Artfully constructed from a breadth of materials such as concrete, glass and fabric upholstery. Ranging from neutral to bold colours that bring attitude and originality to any room.


Retro-inspired with Scandinavian influence, these designs are rooted in functionality and simplicity. Warm and light-coloured woods predominate for a sense of comfort and stability. Graphic shapes and contrasting textures bring this style to life. 


Informed by historical influences and balanced proportions, classic style is timeless and refined. Defined by details and textures, expect to see quilting and channel tufting on fabrics and leathers in cream, brown and black tones. Be inspired to create an elevated look that focuses on high quality craftsmanship.

Global Traveler

These designs celebrate the beauty of handcrafted artistry from around the globe. Each artisan brings a unique personal touch to every piece to inform the perfectly imperfect look. The use of weathered wood finishes, natural fibres and dark and warm metals characterize this style.

Blending Technology with Craftsmanship 

We work with artisans that have been mastering their craft for decades. Just as each craftsperson employs techniques passed down for generations, our heirloom-grade pieces are designed to stand the test of time. Each piece is made using a combination of traditional hand craftsmanship and technological innovation. The result is the creation of products that are durable and exceptional.   

Our products incorporate a mix of materials based on their aesthetic qualities, sustainable aspects and functional characteristics. We source materials from around the world to identify those of the highest quality. We are proud to use reliable, long-lasting materials such as premium wood species, marble, travertine, top grain leather and durable performance fabrics.