Going Bold and Modern with Rasheeda Gray

Rasheeda Gray from Gray Space Interiors talks about her space design for The Kaleidoscope Project’s second installation.

Details are everything for Rasheeda Gray. From choosing fabric textures to metal finishes, she does not miss a beat when it comes to selecting the best pieces to create a space aesthetic that is guaranteed to bring awe. 


Prior to her successful transition into interior design, Gray worked in marketing and communications for 15 years where she knows all too well how every detail matters. Now, she is the founder of Philadelphia-based Gray Space Interiors, an award-winning design firm that boasts an impressive portfolio of impeccable designs. 


For the second-year in a row, she proudly participated in The Kaleidoscope Project, a non-profit organization that highlights the work of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) designers and artists in the interior design community.  


This year, Gray and 10 other designers worked in the preservation of the historic 1906 Tyler Street Firehouse in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, where they were tasked to reimagine four market rate residential units within the firehouse, with a focus on sustainability. 


When Gray planned her design for the project, she thought about the type of person that would live there and matched their lifestyle to the overall aesthetic of the space. 

“I envisioned the type of client that would live here, and I kept coming back to the idea that this client is a social influencer,” said Gray. “This person wants a space where they can live and work throughout the home where there are vignettes for a social posting.”

Carefully, she put together a mood board with the key pieces that she wanted to use for the space. Lush greens with modern gold accents take the stage, while being balanced out with eclectic prints and patterns.  


“The theme for the entire project was to go bold and modern. Coming out of the pandemic, we all had a craving for intense, fun, and bright colors and many of my selections included tons of color,” Gray pointed out. 

The theme for the entire project was to go bold and modern

One of the main pieces in the living room space was our Donnie sofa in tobacco tan faux leather. Completed with button tufting and boasting a rich, warm colour that added fabulous comfort to the space. 


Near the kitchen area, Gray put together a small dining set-up which included our Monaco dining table paired with our Thatcher dining armchair in snow. The two pieces matched in harmony with their matching gold finishes, while complementing one another with their fluid curves for an effortlessly bold look.

“I love the beautiful contemporary profiles of SUNPAN furniture and the versatility of each piece,” said Gray. “Also, the quality is bar none.”

Near the kitchen area, Gray put together a small dining set-up

From conceptualization to final creation, the journey was no easy feat. With construction delays that pushed timelines further than planned, Gray and her team had to be agile to complete the project. 


Gray is highly pleased with the final outcome. She points to the unique traits of each room, and how the differences of each room result in a space that is full of character. 

“I am most proud about the individuality of design in each room. For example, the living room is bold and fun, while the bedroom feels more sophisticated and cozier.” 


She also enjoyed being able to connect with the other designers during the process.  

“I enjoyed the camaraderie amongst all participating designers and the community built,” said Gray. “I also enjoyed to level of creative freedom provided in the showhouse design.”

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