SUNPAN Doubles Showroom Space at High Point Market

Toronto, Canada, [December 19, 2019]

Visitors of the Fall 2020 High Point Market can expect an extraordinary new facelift to Showplace thanks to SUNPAN’s upcoming showroom expansion.

In a move to express the company’s continued growth and development of newer and expanded categories like bedroom and living, the SUNPAN showroom will increase to over 40,000 square feet – doubling its current space.

“We started with IMC in 2004 with a temporary 800 square foot space. Over the years, we continued to grow our space, with our latest move to Showplace in 2014,” said SUNPAN President and CEO, Sundeep Bagga. “This expansion is all about our customers’ experience. We want to increase our engagement with customers on an emotional level and expect them to make their decisions and complete their purchases later online.”

Seeing double digit growth over the past five years, Bagga explains that the company’s expansion reflects its business confidence in the industry and at Market.

“There is always a crowd at SUNPAN and we can’t wait to see what this excitement will bring in October. The newly expanded showroom will be one of the ‘do not miss’ spaces at the Fall 2020 High Point Market” said Julie Messner, Senior VP of Furniture Leasing with IMC. “SUNPAN takes bold moves, not only with showroom space and location, but with product.  Constantly improving on product development, they are setting the current trends that designers and retailers seek.”

The existing SUNPAN showroom will remain open through the Spring High Point Market in April 2020, with renovations taking place during the summer in preparation for an October launch.

SUNPAN is a fast-growing global furniture company specializing in the design and manufacturing of transitional and contemporary furnishings.
At SUNPAN we are committed to understanding fashion and design in order to offer a diverse selection of high-end looks at affordable prices. Our products are thoughtfully designed and crafted with renowned international designers to create modern and transitional styles across hard goods, dining, upholstery and art.
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