A Guide to Customer User Permissions on the New SUNPAN Website

All registered users on the new SUNPAN website will have different permissions assigned to them. The customer ordering permissions are in line with most organizational structures and will help organize how different staff members at customer accounts can access the new SUNPAN website. These permissions will determine what orders and account information a user can view on the new website. Read on to learn more about the user roles on our new website. 

A hierarchy chart of customer account profiles on SUNPAN’s new website (Illustration purposes only)

User Permission Roles

There are three different roles that can be assigned to users at your company.  

You will want to consider the needs of your organization and the various users within your company who would need access to the SUNPAN website. Once you identify all the internal stakeholders from your company, talk to your SUNPAN rep about assigning the correct user permissions for your internal team members. Please note that a company can have up to 500 users and 500 locations. Additionally, each location can only have up to 50 users. Users can be assigned the following roles:  

  • Company Admin: This user can see all account information, including all orders placed across¬†different locations¬†assigned to the company. This user can also place an order for any location¬†associated with their company. This person is also the designated main point of contact.¬†Only one user from each company can be assigned as the Company Admin. This role would typically be assigned to lead designers, owners, head of purchasing,¬†CEOs¬†and other organizational leaders.¬†¬†

  • Location Admin: This user can place and see all orders placed from¬†the location(s)¬†they are assigned to. They cannot view orders from other locations. These users can edit shipping and billing addresses for their location(s). This role would typically be assigned to showroom managers, local/regional procurement managers, or users who need to keep track of orders and billing information (finance and accounting teams). A location admin can be assigned to¬†all locations of a company¬†(capped at 500 locations)¬†¬†

  • Ordering Only Users: This user can place orders for their assigned location(s)¬†and only view the orders that they have placed. This role would be assigned to designers who only need to place orders and not view other account¬†information.¬†

Let‚Äôs look at a simple example.¬†In the illustration above, ‚ÄėOrdering Only User 1‚Äô cannot view the orders placed by ‚ÄėOrdering Only User 2‚Äô or ‚ÄėOrdering Only User 3‚Äô. However, Location Admin 1 can view the orders placed by ‚ÄėOrdering Only User 1‚Äô, ‚ÄėOrdering Only User 2‚Äô and ‚ÄėOrdering Only User 3‚Äô since all the users are assigned to Location 1.¬†¬†

In the same vein, the Company Admin can view orders placed by all the locations while Location Admin 1 will not have visibility into orders placed by Location Admin 2 or any other Location Admins.   

We hope this explainer helps you better understand the user roles on our new website. If you’d like to make any changes to the roles assigned to users from your company, please contact your SUNPAN representative.  

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