Welcome to the New SUNPAN.com

Our new website is finally here!

Welcome to the refreshed SUNPAN.com

Every aspect of the website is designed with you in mind. We’ve taken customer feedback and incorporated it into our site to provide an enjoyable shopping experience for everyone.  


Our new sign-in process puts your security first. Customers will no longer require a password. Instead, a unique passcode will be sent to a customer’s registered email address every time they sign in. This keeps your account safe because you don’t have to rely on remembering a password or worry about your password being stolen. It’s in line with global cybersecurity best practices.   


Please contact your sales rep if you would like to register email addresses of more users from your company or if you face any issues signing in. Our team will address any issues within two business days.  


The new website is packed with features that will enhance the way you shop on SUNPAN. We’re excited to have you on our site and look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

A little refresh never hurt anyone

What New Features Will Customers Experience?

Enjoy a smooth journey on our super-fast website packed with innovative features.  

  1. A more intuitive product availability chart to see existing inventory and incoming stock so you can plan for projects accordingly. 
  2. Search that works like a charm! Easily search for any SUNPAN product you like. Search for products by color or style. Filter products based on availability. Browse other pieces from the same product family. 

  1. Visualize how our products will look in any space with our augmented reality feature, only available on mobile. 

  1. Browsing products is a breeze. View different colours and fabric options for an item from one product page.  

  1. A digitized claims form to make it easier and faster to submit any claims.  

  1. A comparison tool to help customers make better decisions on products.  

  1. Easily shop the products featured in our lifestyle imagery using Shop the Look feature  


  1. Create customized wishlists for your projects or customers, and export them  

  1. Create customized tear sheets for all products. You can choose to hide pricing or set your own and have it ready to download immediately.   

  1. Assign different roles to users in your organization based on the type of access they would need.

  1. Track shipments of your online orders.

  1. An easier registration process. If you’re a trade customer, simply fill out our form online to apply for our trade program.  

  1. See full collections. If an item is part of a collection, you can view all the different products that are also part of that collection. 

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